Basement waterproofing can help

A combination of experience, as basement waterproofing contractors and knowledge in the field, is the key to a successful waterproofing solution. BS8102:2009, a British standard, is the code of practice for the protection of the basement structure. Dry Waterproofing Ltd. is a company that uses the new and latest technologies to offer the best solution to their clients for problems related to the basement.

Basement waterproofing is referred to as tanking for cellars and below ground areas. It is basically due to the nature of cellar and basement structure that they are susceptible to damp problems. The waterproofing contractors use the basement waterproofing techniques to prevent water from penetrating the below ground areas of the buildings.


Waterproofing is the technique of making the basement water-resistant. Waterproofing is usually required for structures that are built below the ground level. It is important where ground water is likely to raise the water level. A higher water table cause hydrostatic pressure to be exerted against the basement walls or floors. This hydrostatic pressure causes the water to penetrate through the cracks in foundation walls.

It can cause major damage to the foundation walls. It also leads to formation of moulds, decay and other moisture related problems. Several methods are used to prevent water from penetrating the basement foundation:

  • Using interior wall and floor sealers
  • Having a water drainage system in the interiors
  • Having drainage with waterproofing coats on the exterior
  • Using sump pumps
  • Increasing ventilation and the flow of air.

Damp Proofing

Dampness inside the building can be very dangerous. Even well built rooms slowly start eroding with moisture build up, due to dampness. A replacement extraction fan is used to solve the condensation problem. The company works for a one fix solution and gives insured guarantees to the clients. Damp proofing is the method to prevent damp from being absorbed through floors or walls. It acts as a long term preventative barrier to the decay caused by excess moisture. Several methods of damp proofing are as follows:

  • Using the damp proofing membrane
  • Using the damp proof course
  • To carry out salt retardant re-plastering through conjunction
  • Installations of cavity drain membrane system.


Flat Roof and Deck Waterproofing

To utilize the unused space, one should use the roof as a deck. PVC roofing material is one of the best choices for flat roof decks. It is completely water-resistant, long lasting and durable. Roof decks are constructed so that a layer of waterproofing material is sandwiched between the floating deck and the roof substrate.

PVC material is an excellent waterproofing material for the protection against leaks. It does not break down with time. All penetrations and joints should be flashed by heat-welding after installing the membrane. The seams are heat-welded, when the entire membrane is laid out.

Dry Waterproofing Ltd. is a specialist basement contractors’ company. The group of professional basement waterproofing contractors work in mutual partnership with material manufacturers. They guarantee customers in providing the best quality products, design and installation. Services are available for both the domestic and commercial basement waterproofing. They are renowned for maintaining the highest standards, in all of their services.

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