Basic Things to Check before Buying Air Compressors

Before you buy an air compressor for your garage, workshop, or your business unity, there are certain things that you must know. Being a huge investment it’s always preferable that you learn the maximum about it before you buy. You would get some idea by reading this article and if you want to know more, you can always visit You would get details knowledge about different types of air compressors and other related things so that you may buy the best one.

However, before you buy one know about the basics of the compressor so that you do not spend your money in something useless.

Type of Compressor

You would get mainly three types of compressors; they are Single stage compressors, two stage compressors, and Twin Compressors. Whether you require a single stage compressor or a two stage compressor, it would depend upon your capacity. The single stage compressor would compress up to 20 CFM at the pressure of 125 psi, while a double stage would compress about 50 CFM at 175 psi.

Capacity and pressure

Two most important specifications while purchasing the air compressor are the pressure and the capacity. Just by adding the air consumption of all the air tools you can get the capacity required. The same would have to be done for pressure. It is always advised that you have some more capacity that that actually required by you.

Electrical connections

Before you go to buy the air compressor, check out the wiring at your workshop or garage. Know about the voltage of your home or work space and also the maximum current that can be handled by your wiring. Also you may require a 3 phase power, thus check about it too.


Before you buy a compressor, fix the place where you would keep it. Generally they make a lot of noise, hence before buying it, check the level of noise. If you are buying it from any retailer then always check the sound that it makes. There are different ways for reducing the noise of the compressor and that includes making an enclosure. If you make an enclosure, do not forget to keep ventilation holes, so that the heat produced by the compressor is ventilated.

Tank size

You would find that most of the compressors come with a tank that ranges between 40-80 gallons. The larger the tank the better, as there would be bigger buffer for compressed air.

Compressed air filters

Based upon the purpose you are using the air compressor, you would need to add filters. There are filters that can remove dust, water, and oil from the compressed air. Thus, based upon your requirement you may choose any filter.

Duty cycle

Last, but definitely not least!

The percentage of time your compressor runs is its duty cycle. Generally the single stage have 50% duty cycle, that means after running the compressor for 5 minutes it need to cool down for another 5 minutes. However, the dual stage has 100% duty cycle and can run 24 hours a day.

Thus, before you buy a compressor, check these specifications and you would be benefitted.


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