Build and design your own dream home easily

There are a variety of options when it comes to home construction. Go to any suburban street in North America, you will see the same pattern of houses again and again. The only change you may notice is that there may be some bungalows in between these two storey homes with front attached garages. This is because of the whole process of working of suburban development. The Triangle Homes Tour can provide you with enough information of Canadian real estate designs to help you decide the pattern of your house.

Generally, a lot of land on the outskirts of a town will be acquired by a developer to make it a zone for residential development. Then they will prepare the land and install the infrastructure such as power, drainage, sewer and water. They are more likely to sell these plots to several home builders. Then four to five models of homes will be designed by these builders so that they can sell on their lots. Most of the houses will be similar in appearance and design inspite of the availability of twenty different models. It is a business for them and the main reason to be in the business is profit.

It is possible to buy a plot from the developer and build your dream home. The process can be a little complicated and can vary from one city to another. Buying a vacant lot in an older existing subdivision is the best way to acquire a lot. Quite often, the lot will have an old home sitting on it and will be closer to the downtown core. In order to make way for your new home, the old home will have to be torn down. You should have deep pockets to do this, as this option is expensive. For reflecting your creative ideas and ensuring that the home will stand for the next hundred years, you will need to engage the service of local architect to design your house.

If you do decide to build and design your own home, there are several things to consider –

  • You will need to demolish the building, environment, development and occupancy permits from the city.
  • You may have to face opposition from other people or neighbours who are already living in the community if you want to build a house that is completely different from other homes.
  • You may have trouble finding a buyer when you try to sell your dream home because what you consider to be beautiful may not be attractive to most other people in the world.
  • You may also have to face difficulties while obtaining finance for a project that is beyond what banks normally handle.

If you don’t have patience, time or money to build and design yourself a new house, there are thousands of resale houses that you may opt for. Most of these houses are cookie cutter designs but you can find nice old character homes in the interior of Edmonton and Calgary. You really need to have them inspected, as some of these can turn out to be money pits. Hire a qualified home inspector to do this inspection for you.

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