Designing lofts in fascinating ways

Converting lofts into beautiful spaces can be done with professional guidance, yet at affordable prices. Loft conversions in London have seen an ever increasing demand. Properties in London are available at premium prices and homeowners are best recommended to make use of every available bit of space.

London has twice simplified the planning regulations in the past few years that have allowed several loft conversions without any planning permission. However, these loft conversions still need to comply with the building regulations in the area. Loft Conversion Experts London is a premium contractor that provides services to nearly all of London. Touchstone Lofts are best known for loft conversions in South London. These contractors are known for their hassle free experience at relatively cheap and affordable prices.

Whenever a home office, a play area, modernized storage space or extra bedrooms having an en suite bathroom need conversions, one can ply their services without any hesitations. They provide exemplary customer service and work within the customer’s budget. Be there any kind of design re-structuring, these contractors give their best. Space that requires only a small window fitted along the existing roof line or exterior wall, addition of a dormer to provide extra space, complete reshaping of the roof, Mansard loft conversions, loft extension with French doors leading to a terrace roof can all be done with perfection.

London has seen a trend of home conversions by professional people. A loft can be converted into a comfortable study or if the loft is going to be used to build a larger bedroom, one of the smaller bedrooms can be easily converted into an office space.

Touchstone Lofts London is an expert at Roof light conversion, Dormer conversions, Hip to Gable and Mansard Loft Conversion. Deciding the type of conversion can become a difficult task, but these contractors are here to provide every client with all the best possible options one has in regards to loft expansion and conversion.

Many people still believe that loft conversions are expensive. However, these services have become cheaper over time. Loft conversions obviously cost differently depending on the type of property and the location. The 2008 and 2011 changes in the laws concerning property extensions have allowed loft conversions without any planning permissions. This alone can save customers around £1000 in administration fees. With this saving, people can contribute more towards the actual loft conversion price that can be anywhere between £13,000 and £15,000. These prices tend to be a lot lesser in Ireland.

Loft Conversions London and Touchstone Lofts London have 20+ years of experience in loft expansion and conversion. These are both family based companies that add to the personal touch every client wishes to have in their lofts. One can simply fill out some information regarding their needs and contact information on their websites and in no time one of their expert team members will get in touch. They will listen to your ideas and give a completely free and a no-obligation quote. All one has to do for a beautiful loft conversion is contact them.

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