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What is a Building Inspection?

A building inspection is a service carried out by a professional building inspector, so as to give people an independent and objective advice regarding the state of the building. The advice is an articulate summary of the condition of the building enabling people to take an informed decision about whether or not to purchase a property or not.

These summaries provided by professional inspectors are snapshots in time. This is why it is advised that one refers to a current inspection, rather than a report that was created a while back.

Building inspections have also been carried out for several other purposes such as new construction management, risk management, dispute resolution, insurance claims, compliance with legislation and regulations, as well as informing renovation and other extension decisions.

What is the cost of building inspection in Victoria?

The average range of pricing for different kinds of buildings and their inspection is as listed below:

Apartment: $280 – $330

3 Bed Home – $440 – $660

Large House – $660 – $880

Services offered by Jim’s Building Inspections

  • Melbourne Pre Purchase Building Inspections – People purchasing a home in Melbourne, and looking out for peace of mind regarding the safety and structural integrity of the house, are worth asking Jim’s Building for a price. With this pre purchase building inspection one can rest be assured whether their choice of house will stand the test of time or not.
  • Identifying Damage Caused by Termites & Other Pests – Jim’s professional building inspectors will look in all possible areas and give a summary of all pest related damage one needs to get fixed.
  • Melbourne Pre Sale Building Inspections – Ensuring that the buyers have a fully insured report to the house on sale Jim’s Inspectors provide pre sales building inspections such that potential buyer make a quick offer.
  • Asbestos Inspection Melbourne – Jim’s inspectors provide asbestos inspections in Melbourne and surrounding areas. After inspecting the property, they take away samples to test and determine if asbestos is present or not.


Why choose Jim’s Building Inspections services?

  • Fully Insured – As part of their commitment to its clients they have a full and comprehensive professional indemnity and public liability insurance.
  • Fast Delivery – Jim’s Inspectors carry out the building inspection reports on iPads and are usually emailed to the client within 24 hours of completion.
  • Australia Wide Network – Jim’s Building Inspections have several franchises which work towards thoroughly helping its clients to make better purchasing decisions.

Originating in Melbourne in 2011, each of their members work in territories they are familiar with and as such, they are the local go to expert in that area for building inspection works. Its team members have experience with Californian bungalow, weatherboard construction, Victorian and Edwardian homes.

So for all problems relating to buying a new property, renovating or extending, having one built or investing in a building, Jim’s Building Inspections can help. All one needs to do is contact them at 131546.

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