Keeping your foundations tough.

A foundation is a must support system for the lifelong stability of buildings, be it a small one or a large building. Apart from building a solid foundation at the time of construction of the house, these foundations may also need several repairs over the course of time to maintain its integrity. A foundation repair company is one that can help one with checking the strength and the integrity of the building’s foundation and implement any repairs that will counter any vulnerability that may have crept into them over time.

A foundation is the lower portion of buildings that helps transfer gravity load from the building structure to the earth. There are generally of two types of foundations: shallow foundations and deep foundations. The terms deep and shallow refer to the depth of soil at which the foundation is made. Foundations made at a depth of as little as 3 ft. are termed as shallow foundations and deep foundations refer to those foundations that are made at depths of 60 to 200 ft. Small, light buildings need a shallow foundation, whereas large, heavy buildings require a deep foundation. Both these types of foundations can be repaired by foundation repair contractors.

For making a foundation, foundation repair Plano generally dig a trench into the ground. They continue digging deeper and deeper until they reach the subsoil. The subsoil is more solid than the top soil. The top soil is used to grow plants and crops. Once these contractors realise that the trench has reached deep enough, they proceed by filling it with any strong and hard material they can find. At times, these contractors even pour in concrete into the trench, which they further strengthen by first putting long thin round pieces of steel into the trench. After the concrete has fully dried, the steel that has been used in this section acts like bones in human body that ties the foundation together. This is called as reinforced concrete.

As far as repairing and levelling a concrete slab foundation is concerned, large amounts of time and money is needed to accomplish it correctly. At times when there is extreme drought, there is very little a homeowner can do to maintain effective moisture content in the soil. The heat and water withdrawal by plants is way too great for a homeowner to battle with a garden hose.

Below are three helpful tips for home foundations in Texas that helps or prevent damage to foundations:

  • The soil around Texas has great capacity to absorb (or lose) water. The soil swells when it’s very wet and shrinks when very dry. This creates stress on the concrete slab resting on the soil. In order to avoid the need for house levelling in the future, one needs to keep the soil around the foundation at a constant moisture level using seepage water hoses.
  • Maintain a record of any cracks inside or outside the house. Record the location and length of these cracks several times during the year.
  • Either install root barricades when a large tree is too close to the home foundation or remove the tree.

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