Looking for junk removers with reasonable pricing?

Junk Chunkers is a company based out of Dallas, which specializes in debris, junk, and also trash removal. They are proud of themselves due to their customer satisfaction, professionalism and also a certain giving back nature. They are known to be punctual for their work and they do not leave until and unless the customers are fully content. The crew members of Junk Chunkers will handle loading and cleaning of the area after they are finished with picking up the trash. There is no job to which is big or small for the Junk Chunkers.

The prices offered by the Junk Chunkers are also the best. They are very reasonable. Don’t believe? Just visit http://junkchunkers.com/dallas/prices/ to get an idea.

Junk Chunkers provide full service package for junk removal and hauling. They will pick up and also haul off all of the unwanted items in and around your property. They will help you make more space in your office, home, or apartment by taking away your junk in a faster and more efficient way. Junk Chunkers guarantees the best customer experience.

They endeavor to be eco-friendly. So, they try to recycle or reuse most of the items. They also try their best to remove helpful junk from being piled up in any local landfills. If you do not believe, just call Junk Chunkers today and see. They will show you why they are the best junk removal company in the Dallas area.

The pricing system at Junk Chunkers is based on volume. That is the junk removal prices are decided based on the quantity of trash, junk, and debris removed. The prices given include the loading time, removal, and also disposal fees. The removal process of your junk starts only after the price has been agreed by the customer and the company.

The trucks used for chunking the junk are approximately of the size 18?L x 8? W x 4.5? H (24 cubic yards). Junk Chunkers usually come and provide you with a no-obligation upfront price quote. At the same time, they come prepared to chunk your junk if you agree on the price quoted. The hauling prices are decided based on the total travelling and mileage it takes to get your job done. The demolition prices are decided based on the time and size of the property which is being demolished. The price quoted will be applicable as long as it takes to finish the job up to your satisfaction.

Not to forget, discounts are also available. There mainly two types of discounts which will apply.

Friends and Family Junk Chunkers Discount

If you and one of your family member or friend has junk in two different places and you want it to be picked up as one job, then it can priced at a special price, i.e. with some discount.

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