Plumbing solutions made easy and quick!

Water is a necessity. Hence the connection between the provider and receiver is also integral to the availability of this necessity. Plumbing is a crucial job, which if not done properly and meticulously will lead to total chaos and trouble.

Precision plumber greensborough is the solution to your confusion filled question. Having a reputation of providing services on the same day of the complaint, Precision Plumbing Service has gained reputation over the years for its excellent and efficient service. The plumbers working under their company are fully licensed professionals with a wide area of expertise and skill in their tool belt. Another surprising element is that the cost for the service is informed beforehand without bringing into the equation any variable of unexpected costing. More importantly, advanced technology used by the company’s workmen ensure fixing the problem the very first time itself.

Their services include:

General Plumbing- Plumbing in general is a wide array of service but the ones that are common are replacement and repair of cisterns in toilet and showers, bursting pipes, replacement of tap ware, maintenance and repair of roof, replacement of roof, renovations in kitchen, laundry and bathroom, etc.

Hot water- Units providing hot water can be installed in your showers to enable availability of hot water whenever needed. Maintenance and repair is also provided within 24 hours of demand. The pricing is genuine, based on the market and no extra amount is charged. An old unit is also removed for free! If you already have a hot water unit, repair of the unit is done, whether it is internal, gas, solar, electric or instantaneous units. If the unit is beyond repair, it can be replaced with a unit based on your choice the very same day.

Blocked drains- Clogging of drains due to blockage are a very serious matter. If you turn a blind eye, you will have to pay a heavy price for your negligence. This blocking is usually cause by collection of debris or tree-roots which get stuck in the pipes. Keeping in touch with latest technology, Precision Plumbing ensures excellent service by using a CCTV drain camera and locating equipment. This latest technology accurately finds the region of blockage. This blockage is cleared using high pressure jet machines which remove any kind of blockage with relative ease. In this process, if the pipes are dislodged or damaged, instant repair is provided for considerable cost.

Why Precision Plumbing?

Round-the-clock service ensures immediate response and service to emergency based needs. The workmen have a reputation of completing their jobs with intense excellence and minimal damage. Their efficiency in tidiness is unmatched. Another advantage is the assurance of providing service on the same day, thereby minimising the effect due to damaged plumbing.

If you have plumbing needs, you can submit for a quote and well trained workmen will visit the site, and after a thorough inspection, provide you with their honest opinion and present you a set price quote. You can choose the quote or reject it, as there is no obligation!


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